Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Blue Martini is a COOL PLACE!

(Click on poster above or any image below to enlarge.)

Above is a poster announcing the upcoming Blues Chapel and "Ladies Sing the Blues"! Don't miss's going to be GREAT!

RECEPTION from 6 - 8 but the gallery stays open along with Blue Martini!

The music and art will be great. There will be a limited quantity of complimentary red wine...but why bother when you can buy a great martini in a fabulously cool glass! Shaken...not stirred!

Patrons just love the place!

What's not to like!

During the opening, the music will feature BLUES by Eboniramm.

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  1. This looks like GREAT fun! And a perfect place for The Blues Chapel! Hey...and your "post a comment" place looks different. What did you do?